Why Are AI Tokens Trending?

Krutika Adani

Future of AI Seems Bright

With greater investments into AI, the crypto AI tokens expect greater adoption.

Factors Contributing to the AI Token Rally

The prime driver of the AI token rally is the gains in NVIDIA stock, which recently became the most valuable company after crossing a $3 trillion valuation.

AI and Crypto

AI and its allied fields have several well-known applications in crypto, from assisting in crypto trading to decentralized data sharing.

AI Tokens Beat Giants

Compared to Ethereum, which has gained 100% since last year, AI tokens like NEAR and RNDR have generated 300% returns for the same period

Top AI Tokens

Since last week, HashAI, Turbo, 0x0.ai, ChainGPT, and Spectre.ai have been the top gainers in the AI market.