Why This Week Is Important for the Crypto Market?

Adekunle Joshua

The Bitcoin and crypto markets experienced an incredibly bullish week, with BTC prices surging by 14.5% and reaching a new yearly high of $31,432

Bucking the trend in the US equity markets, the crypto market continued its upward trajectory fueled by the news of the BlackRock Bitcoin ETF

Get ready for a week filled with important events that could shape the future of Bitcoin and crypto prices

From the Fed's chairman's remarks to the stress test results of US banks, the market is on high alert

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell takes center stage once again on June 28. All eyes will be on his comments about interest rates and monetary policy

The stress test results of US banks are eagerly awaited on Wednesday. The market anxiously watches to see how healthy the banking system is and which banks may struggle

The release of the preliminary US GDP figures on June 29 brings hope for a stable US economy. If the forecasted 1.4% growth is confirmed or exceeded, it could provide a positive boost for both traditional and crypto markets

Core PCE data for May, to be released on June 30, holds importance for the Fed's decision-making. The impact on the likelihood of a rate hike will be closely monitored by crypto enthusiasts

It's a pivotal Friday for the Bitcoin market! With BTC closing its monthly and quarterly candle, and a record-breaking $5 billion in Bitcoin options expiring, brace yourself for heightened volatility.