ZachXBT Wins $150,000 Bounty for Tracking the DJT Token Creator

Krutika Adani

For Exposing DJT Token Creator

Arkham Intelligence awarded $150k to ZackXBT for accurately tracking down the creator of DJT Token.

How Did He Succeed?

ZachXBT revealed that in an X Spaces conversation, Martin Shkreli accepted that he was the creator of the DJT token

What Is DJT?

Martin Shkreli, earlier known as “pharma bro,” created DJT, a Donald Trump-inspired celebrity coin.

Why Was It So Controversial?

After being reported to have direct ties to the US Presidential candidate Donald Trump, the DJT tokens soared 300%.

Shkreli Is a Former Criminal

Controversial technopreneur Martin Shkreli has been convicted earlier for securities fraud. Previous to that, he was also convicted for raising the price of an affordable drug by 5000%.