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Flipkart Debuts Metaverse with the Launch of Flipverse




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Flipkart, one of the most effective online shopping platforms, announced the launch of Flipverse, a metaverse-themed online shopping center.

The brand new project is to set off during the Big Billion Day’s sale on the occasion of Diwali in India. The metaverse-themed digital shopping store is to launch in partnership with Big Meta and Polygon, an Ethereum-based startup. Indeed, there can be no better timing than Diwali, a festival when most of India is celebrating with lights to ring in a new life. 

Flipverse and Its features

Flipverse aims to offer a more interactive shopping platform to customers through 3D images instead of the usual 2D experience. Such an initiative in the e-commerce sector is one of the first, and Flipkart is getting all hands on the project to offer a technologically-enriched e-commerce solution for its target customers. The e-commerce giant is said to tap into Web3 technologies to achieve its final goals. 

As mentioned earlier, Flipkart has been exploring Web3 technologies and would develop a strong Ethereum foundation to ensure secured crypto dealings. Its latest service design, also known as eDAO (eCommerce Decentralized Autonomous Organization), is expected to improve crypto transactions. 

Flipverse to Offer Real Retail Store Experience

Flipkart’s metaverse project aims to offer its customers real-life shopping experiences at retail stores. No wonder such an initiative would skyrocket the platform’s sales. The customers who refrained from e-commerce platforms owing to their love for retail stores would also walk in through this revolutionary technology. 


The recent project also aims to change the static nature of e-commerce shopping. Thus, customers can now virtually walk around stores like in a supermarket and grab their products. If that is not enough, the e-commerce revolution will also bring about games and contests, similar to offline retail platforms, to enhance customers’ shopping experience. 

Flipverse to Strengthen Brand Loyalty

This is the first time in the history of online shopping that a platform planned to launch something like Flipverse. While the project is all set to heighten customer shopping experience, Flipkart’s strengthened brand loyalty would come as an automatic response. The partnerships, on the one hand, and the groundbreaking technology would attract almost triple the customers as before.  

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