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Mysterious Crypto Millionaire Couple Now Faces Trail in Australian Court




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Crypto made the most bizarre headlines, with a couple becoming a millionaire overnight after receiving $10.5 million accidentally from a crypto company. 

Crypto Millionaire Woman Awaits Trial

A Victorian woman, Thevamanogari Manivel, received $10.5 million from a crypto company, mistakenly transferring the amount to her account without noticing until audits. The company, Floris GFS, was supposed to refund $100 to her account but ended up transferring the erroneous amount. 

Manivel and her partner Jatinder Sing seemed challenging on multiple grounds, even if the company was at fault. The couple was accused of several wrongdoings with the sudden money splurge in their account. 

Who Was at Fault 

Though it may seem like the Australian couple is not at fault, the reality seems quite different. While the company did not take any notice, the two parties were evidently at fault. One, the Bulgarian worker who initiated the refund process and entered the wrong numbers on the excel sheet, and second, the couple who received such a high amount and remained silent. Reports also claim the couple splurged a massive amount on real estate, vehicles, etc.

Jatinder Singh claimed he thought it to be an outcome of a crypto contest, a notification he received a few days before the bank transfer. However, the company claimed there was no such event or notification that the couple could have received. The couple might have received the amount as a surprise and preferred not to bring it to anybody’s notice. 


Trial Begins for Millionaire Couple

The accidental crypto millionaire couple was dragged to court by the company once the issue came to the company’s notice. Reports claim the crypto millionaire couple spent the sum on buying three houses, vehicles and gifts while transferring the rest to their Malaysian bank account. 

The court proceedings resulted in the couple returning the amount with an outstanding amount of $3 million. The court also directed to freeze the properties bought with this money. 

Though the crypto millionaire couple is now on bail, they still await trial for their deliberate negligence. 



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