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Coinbase Giving SEC Reasons to Approve A Spot Ethereum ETF

Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer announced that the company submitted a comprehensive 27-page response, for the approval of the proposed spot

4 Min Read By Ebo Victor

Ethereum Cuts New ETH Issuance by 362,628 ETH Since The Merge, Becomes Deflationary

Ethereum has burned 1.4 million ETH since The Merge(Sept, 2022).

6 Min Read By Dhirendra Chandra Das

Massive Rally Incoming For $LUNC As US Wins The Do-Kwon Extradition Battle

Key Insights More than a year after the crash of the Terra ecosystem, Do Kwon, its founder is now set to

5 Min Read By Jim Haastrup

Did the UK Prime Minister Really Accept $1 Million Worth of Bitcoin Fee for An Interview?

Key Insights United Kingdom Minister Boris Johnson has recently been involved in an interview spat with ex-Fox News host Tucker

4 Min Read By Ebo Victor

Ripple CEO Supports XRP ETF Idea, What Should Investors Expect From Price Movement? 

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse reacts to rumors suggesting the launch of an XRP spot Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

4 Min Read By Ebo Victor

Optimism Showers Creators with 10M $OP Tokens, Price Eyes $5.4

Optimism airdropped 10M $OP tokens to web3 artists who minted/traded NFTs in 2023.

4 Min Read By Jim Haastrup


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Crypto News Today | Bitcoin News And Ethereum Price Prediction | Crypto Bull Market |Voice of Crypto

Top cryptocurrency prices today (19 July): Crypto markets continued the upward momentum over the

1 Min Read By Varuni Trivedi

The Untold Story of Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin | DeFi King’s Life Uncovered

Join us on an extraordinary journey into the life and mind of Vitalik Buterin,

1 Min Read By voiceofcrypto

Most Popular

What Is Yearn? The DeFi Gateway Everyone Is Talking About

What is Yearn? A common question in the minds of those in the blockchain and cryptocurrency circles lately. Yearn is a decentralized

2 Min Read

Memecoin Melt Down: SHIB, DOGE, BONK Slump as 66% Liquidation Slams Memecoin Market

Key Insights The crypto market entered a massive sell-off over the last

4 Min Read By Adekunle Joshua

Bitcoin Threatened By FOMC Meeting Aftermath – Is $30,000 Still on Track?

Bitcoin is facing some short-term weakness, but there are also some positive

7 Min Read By Jim Haastrup

5 Things That Could Affect Bitcoin Price in September 2023

Bitcoin's performance in August was exceptionally poor, and September doesn't look different. A crash to $22,000 or lower is possible.

8 Min Read By Adekunle Joshua

Sui Blasts into DeFi Top 10 as TVL Surges Above $430M

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands, January 30th, 2024, ChainwireIn the past four months, Sui TVL has jumped by more than 1000%, vaulting the

4 Min Read By chainwire

SBF Trial: FTX Founder Denies Responsibility Pins it on Lawyers

SBF denied responsibility for the collapse of FTX and said that he consulted with lawyers for every major decision he made.

6 Min Read By Jim Haastrup

The A-Z of Buying Land In The Metaverse

Recently, the metaverse is drawing significant attention. It has a high potential for growth and revolution in the world as we see

15 Min Read By Voice of Crypto

Is There a Gender-Based Funding Gap in Web3? Female Founders Received Only 7% of VC Funding in Two Years

The Web3 boom has left women behind as they received a mere 7% of VC funding compared to male-led startups over the

4 Min Read By Jim Haastrup

Polygon (MATIC) Price Zooms as NFT Sales Go Up by Almost 200%

Key Insights MATIC has been the star cryptocurrency over the last 24 hours, performing better than others like BNB, Ethereum, and even

5 Min Read By Adekunle Joshua

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