10 Crypto Slang Terms 2023

FOMO: FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”

BTD: This abbreviation means “buy the dip

Cryptojacking: Cryptojacking is a crypto crime which involves stealing a computer for mining cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Maximalist: A Bitcoin maximalist is someone who thinks Bitcoin is best than all other cryptocurrencies

DYOR: DYOR is an abbreviation used for “do your own research”

Mooning: Mooning describes a sudden and significant increase in the price of a cryptocurrency, along with high trading volume.

1. Whale: A trader who holds a very large quantity of particular crypto is known as a whale.

ATH: ATH stands for "All-Time High," and indicates the highest price a cryptocurrency has ever reached

ATL: ATL stands for “All-Time Low” and represents the lowest price ever reached