Beware of Your Wallets Before Coinbase Suspends These 6 Crypto Assets in September

Coinbase announced a plan to suspend six crypto assets in September.

The assets are BarnBridge (BOND), DerivaDAO (DDX), Jupiter (JUP), Multichain (MULTI), Ooki (OOKI) and Voyager (VGX).

Following the announcement, the assets, including BOND, DDX, JUP, OOKI, VGX, and MULTI, reported 5.1%, 24%, 16%, 0.5%, 6%, and 0.7% price plunges, respectively.

As is normal in the crypto ecosystem, once a coin gets delisted, its value drops — which is what most of the coins did. For it to happen again within the space of four months is, quite, something

On the one hand, Coinbase’s delisting decisions show that it is committed to maintaining high standards and ensuring its customers’ satisfaction

On the other hand, it raises more questions than answers as regards these assets, their future in the market and the roles exchanges play in regulating crypto.