Coinbase Wallet Introduces Instant Messaging via Ethereum

Coinbase Wallet users can now send instant messages to each other using your Ethereum identities

The new feature is powered by XMTP, an instant messaging system based on blockchain addresses

The XMTP messaging feature is not only available on Coinbase Wallet but is also used by the decentralized social media network Lens

Users  can send messages to each other's, .eth, or Lens usernames

Privacy is a top priority! Messages sent through Coinbase Wallet's XMTP feature are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring your conversations remain confidential

In addition, users have the ability to block addresses they don't want to receive messages from

Coinbase aims to combat fraud with this messaging feature

By enabling direct messaging between wallet addresses, users can bypass separate platforms where verifying the recipient's Web3 identity might be challenging.