VanEck Predicts Solana Price to Surge 10,600% by 2030

Solana's native SOL token has made a significant impact in the crypto world, surging past $32

Asset management company VanEck believes that Solana presents an exciting opportunity as a Layer-1 blockchain competitor to Ethereum

In their report, VanEck has predicted a wide range of price scenarios for Solana, ranging from a conservative $9.81 to an ambitious $3,211.28 by 2030, representing an impressive 10,600% price surge

In contrast, Ethereum has a target price of $11,800

The report also outlines a scenario in which Solana becomes the first blockchain to accommodate applications with over 100 million users, potentially reshaping the industry

With SOL's value growing by over 200% since the beginning of 2023, it has emerged as one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies

The Solana ecosystem also boasts a total value locked of $378 million.