Dormant Ethereum Whale Transfers a Staggering $90 Million to Kraken

A dormant Ethereum (ETH) whale has awakened from a multi-year slumber!

According to Lookonchain, this whale has deposited over 39,260 ETH ($87.5M) to Kraken after being dormant for five years

The whale received 47,260 ETH ($11.34M) between June and August 2017, sold 8,000 ETH the following year, and remained dormant—until now

If it sold on Kraken, profits could soar to $78M, as per Lookonchain

Lookonchain also spotted activity tied to the now-defunct crypto lending platform Celsius

The address linked to Celsius transferred 7,500 ETH ($16.7M) to FalconX

Celsius sent a total of 37,260 ETH ($83M) to various platforms in the past three weeks.