Generation Z Embraces Copy Trading

A report from Bitget reveals that Generation Z crypto investors are more likely to engage in copy trading, with 44% of copy traders under 25 years of age

Copy trading involves mirroring the trades of selected others, and it's gaining popularity among young investors

Older generations are less active in copy trading, with 35 to 55-year-olds comprising 17%, and those over 55 constituting only 7% of total copy traders

Crypto exchanges like eToro, Bybit, and MEXC offer copy trading as an option for users to automate their investment decisions

The affinity of Gen Z towards copy trading could be linked to their reliance on social media influencers for financial advice. YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok are their go-to platforms

Crypto remains the top choice for Gen Z investments, as found in a report by the CFA Institute and FINRA Foundation. It's the first investment for 44% of US Gen Z investors

Bitget's report shows copy trading users are mainly from Western Europe and East/Southeast Asia. Surprisingly, African users, though 1% of the global total, have the highest interest in copy trading (62%)