Is Gemini's CEO About to Sue Digital Currency Group?

Gemini CEO Cameron Winklevoss threatens to sue Digital Currency Group (DCG) and CEO Barry Silbert over delays in resolving Genesis for Earn customers

In an open letter to Barry Silbert, Winklevoss accuses DCG of fraudulent behavior and a culture of lies and deceit, affecting Gemini's 232,000 Earn users

Winklevoss alleges Silbert intentionally delayed resolution through abuse of the mediation process, granting DCG an indefinite forbearance on the $630 million owed to Genesis

Winklevoss criticizes Silbert for playing the victim card, stating that owing billions of dollars and claiming victimhood takes a special kind of delusion

Genesis, the lender behind Gemini's Earn program, suspended withdrawals due to market turmoil and filed for bankruptcy

Winklevoss announces an ultimatum: Silbert must accept Gemini's final offer by July 6 or face a lawsuit on July 7. The offer includes a total payment of $1.47 billion

The proposed payments should be made in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and USD

Winklevoss demands an end to the delays, as professional fees have exceeded $100 million, affecting both credits and Earn users