Litecoin, Dogecoin Show Sustained Rise Despite Massive Crypto Market Blow

Litecoin and Dogecoin crypto have seen a surge in daily active addresses, indicating that there is a lot of activity on their networks.

Litecoin’s price is currently oversold, which is a good bullish sign.

Litecoin may be far under its major moving averages, but it is likely to bounce off and reclaim its former highs.

Dogecoin has been bearish over the year, but it may be forming a bottom and could rally to $0.081.

Multiple analysts have drawn parallels between Litecoin’s price action between 2015-2017 and now, which suggests that it could be in for a bullish trend

The crypto market has been through some seriously bad weather over the last week, as Bitcoin slipped below $29,000 and revisited the $25,000 zone.