Messari Reports Layer-2 Blockchains as Home to the Majority of Ethereum Transactions

Ethereum Layer-2 networks dominated Q3, accounting for 61% of all transactions, says Messari's State of Ethereum report

Base's explosive launch and's social token drove this surge, according to Kunal Goel, senior research analyst at Messari

Goel noted, "The most impressive thing is Base's quick growth and how one app can turn things around for any blockchain"

Coinbase's Base L2 mainnet launch is making waves with $142M already locked in. It's poised to boost decentralized app development

Base now ranks among the top four Layer-2 solutions, following Arbitrum, Optimism, and zkSync Era. It's changing the landscape of Ethereum's Layer-2 space

Arbitrum's daily transactions dropped by 36% due to Base and Optimism's rise. The competition is heating up in Layer-2 solutions

The Layer-2 takeover was predicted, as blockchains have scaling limitations. These solutions are transforming Ethereum's transaction landscape

As Layer-2s become cheaper after the Dencun upgrade, expect higher activity and the migration of DEX trades. The future looks promising for Ethereum's Layer-2 networks.