Most Crypto-ready Cities 2024

A research titled “Most Crypto-ready Cities 2024” was conducted to answer which cities offer the greatest opportunities for trading and investment, and the highest enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies.

New York has the highest level of crypto readiness, with an impressive score of 85.85/100

Coming in second is London, with a score of 84.15/100.

The UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has greatly assisted in developing a secure atmosphere for crypto investments by supplying clarity and support.

Tokyo, known for its technological advancements, ranks as the least crypto-ready among the top 50, scoring only 52.84/100.

Despite Japan's recognition of Bitcoin as a legal tender, the cautious attitude taken by its regulatory bodies has hurt Tokyo's crypto readiness.

With a score of 71.44/100, Singapore stands out as the leader in Asia.

Its well-thought-out strategy, which is a combination of rules and regulations to protect and encourage innovation, has made it a popular place for crypto companies.