Tips for Crypto Companies to Thrive in the US

The U.S. crypto industry faces multiple regulatory obstacles from federal and state agencies. High-profile SEC actions are making crypto companies nervous about their presence

Despite challenges, many crypto companies are unwilling to abandon the U.S. market due to high-profile support for crypto in the country

Smart strategies can help crypto companies stay on the right side of regulators

Using private blockchains can enhance credible accounting at scale while preserving privacy

Maintaining precise records of customer funds and money movements is crucial, given the current U.S. administration's crypto scrutiny

Adopting a rule-based system improves accounting and compliance. Blockchain solutions ensure accountability, even without clear crypto regulations

Transparency, compliance with regulations, and collaboration with stakeholders will foster trust and industry growth for crypto companies in the U.S.

Presenting profit and loss summaries to wallet holders can help start accounting improvements

Early-stage crypto companies should prioritize hiring legal and compliance experts to reduce future costs and ensure compliance with best practices.