Unmasking the $4.46 Million Crypto Phishing Scam

Cryptocurrency Scam Alert An unsuspecting crypto holder fell victim to a staggering $4.46 million phishing scam!

Data from Etherscan shows $4.46 million in Tether (USDT) was withdrawn from a Kraken exchange wallet and sent to an address ending in "ACa7"

Blockchain security firm PeckShield identifies the address as belonging to a phishing scammer

Scam Sniffer reveals that the funds were funneled to an address linked to a fake Coinone crypto mining exchange

Scam Sniffer's data shows that these attacks have stolen around $337.1 million in USDT, affecting over 21,953 individuals

The Global Anti-Scam Organisation warns against approval mining scams. They trick victims into allowing unlimited withdrawals without needing the seed phrase

When you create a self-custody crypto wallet, you get a private key. Scammers don't need your seed phrase! They use fake mining pools to obtain digital authorization

Scammers request a $10-$50 network fee in Ether to trick you into granting access via the USDT smart contract.