Why Did Vitalik Buterin Transfer $15 Million USDC to Gemini Exchange?

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is making major crypto moves, catching everyone's attention!

On October 16, his "Vitalik.eth" wallet sent a whopping 14.93 million USDC to Gemini, originating from the Kanro charity

He also deposited $500,000 into Coinbase just three days before the Gemini transfer

Buterin's crypto activities aren't sporadic; there's a clear pattern of significant transfers

In September alone, over $3.9 million in various cryptocurrencies flowed between exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini

Going back to August, he moved 600 ETH, roughly $1 million, showcasing the consistency of these substantial transactions

It's not just USDC; according to Lookonchain, Buterin's been depositing Ethereum (ETH) in various exchanges, including a massive 1,000 ETH transfer (approximately $1.64 million) to Bitstamp.