Why Has Google Been Sued Over Its New AI Data Scraping Privacy Policy?

Google's recent privacy policy changes now allow it to utilize publicly available data for AI training purposes, raising concerns about privacy rights

A lawsuit against Google highlights not only rights violations but also claims an unfair advantage over competitors who lawfully acquire data for AI training.

Ryan Clarkson, attorney for the plaintiffs, asserts that Google does not have ownership over the internet or our creative works, emphasizing the importance of consent and respecting personal expression

The plaintiffs argue that the term "publicly available" does not imply free usage for any purpose, challenging Google's data usage practices

The lawsuit seeks substantial damages from Google, estimated to be over $5 billion, and calls for explicit user consent, opt-out options, and the ability to delete existing data or receive fair compensation as data owners

Notably, author and comedian Sarah Silverman files a lawsuit against OpenAI and Meta for unauthorized use of copyrighted work in AI training, adding to the legal challenges faced by AI developers

OpenAI faces multiple lawsuits, including allegations of data scraping, shedding light on the complex legal landscape surrounding AI development and data usage

These lawsuits highlight the growing importance of protecting privacy rights and ensuring responsible data usage in the rapidly evolving field of AI technology.