Why NFT Regulation in the UK Needs Rethinking?

Mintable CEO Zach Burks believes that the UK government's approach to copyright infringement exaggerates the true potential of NFTs

In an interview, Burks pointed out that the usage of NFTs is evolving beyond speculative art

The UK Culture, Media, and Sport Committee's recent report urged the protection of artists and creators from copyright issues related to NFTs

While acknowledging this, Mintable's CEO argued that these issues aren't unique to "NFTs"

Burks believes that NFT copyright issues are similar to the challenges faced by major internet platforms like YouTube and Spotify

NFTs have a wide array of uses, from car and property records to supply chain systems

Burks highlighted their versatility and urged regulators to understand that NFTs are more than just digital art

This debate continues as Burks emphasizes the need for an appropriate regulation to fully unlock the potential of NFT technology.