Balaji Srinivasan Expects Crypto to Dominate in the Age of AI

Krutika Adani

Ex-Coinbase CTO Presents New Crypto Narrative

Balaji Srinivasan, a top US Entrepreneur and the ex-CTO of Coinbase said that even in the age of AI, crypto would continue to dominate.

Scarcity in the Age of Abundance

Srinivasan thinks, crypto represents scarcity and hence will be better valued than AI which is available in abundance.

You Would Need Crypto to Use AI in the Future

Srinivasan further mentions that in the future crypto will take the place of money and therefore will be essential for any kind of payment such as for using AI.

Blockchain Would Make AI Safer

He finally adds that in the future bots or IoT will need private keys much like blockchain wallets to ensure safe access to them.

Broad Application of Blockchain

In the future, blockchain technology is expected to be extensively used in areas like nuclear energy, supply chain, data centers, and several other fields.