Bitcoin NFT Sees Increase in Weekly Sales Figures

Krutika Adani

Ordinals Sale Rises

Despite the sideways market, Bitcoin NFTs, or Ordinals, have witnessed a rise in their sales figures to $49 million, a 57% increase.

Higher Than Ethereum NFT Sales

In the same week, Ethereum, which once dominated NFT markets, managed around $35 million in sales.

Bitcoin NFTs Beat Ethereum Within 18 Months

Despite being just 18 months old, Bitcoin NFTs have managed to beat their counterparts on Ethereum.

What Is Different in Bitcoin NFTs?

Bitcoin NFTs, or Ordinals, are actual sub-units of Bitcoin, called Satoshis. They are inscribed with information such as text, images, audio, video, or even software.

New Project by Bitcoin NFT Creator

Casey Rodarmor, who created Bitcoin NFTs, has recently launched another project called Bitcoin Runes, which is similar to Solana memecoins.