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Importance of Smart Contract Audits in Crypto

Adekunle Joshua

Smart contract auditing is vital to check if a project is safe, free from bugs, and prevent exploitation by a crypto contracts scam.

When a smart contract does an audit, it focuses on scrutinizing the code behind it to see if there is a bug.

Developers use audits by third parties like blockchain security companies such as PeckShield to verify the code for bugs and vulnerabilities before deploying them.

Smart contract developers tend to use third-party organizations to ensure that it is thorough and free from bias.

One reason why smart contracts undergo audits is to prevent hackers from noticing vulnerabilities and using them to their advantage. It also tries to improve the public's confidence that it is not a scam smart contract.  

When smart contracts are deployed without the right checks, it could lead to discrepancies in their purpose. Furthermore, it is impossible to alter the smart contract once added to the chain. The platform can migrate to a new smart contract, but it is a stressful process that could open the project up to many issues. 

Not carrying out the right audit processes could lead to hackers having access to private data. These audits are carried out by development teams, crypto startups, and other related entities usually. 

Why smart contract audits are important:

  • This process ensures that smart contracts perform effectively. 
  • Auditing smart contracts heighten their security, reducing the risks of attacks. 
  • Smart contract audit leads to a code optimization process, ensuring that its use cases are attained.  
  • The loopholes that are vulnerable to exploitation are preemptively and plugged with an audited smart contract. For example, in some hack attacks that occurred in the past, hackers used the vulnerabilities in the smart contract to exploit it and steal funds.

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