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PEPE Gets Bullish Despite Bad Markets

Krutika Adani

Recent Price Action

PEPE suffered a 30% decline over the last seven days. However, despite the fall, it has quickly recovered about 10% from yesterday’s lows.

Bullishness in Memecoin Markets

Memecoins were the most profitable crypto sector in 2024, with leaders like Pepe, dogwifhat, and Bonk.

On-Chain Signals

PEPE on-chain signals show that the number of on-chain users has grown 5.76% in the last month.

Gains in the Last 1 Year

Despite its recent crash, the price of PEPE has made a net gain of 430% in the last year.

Levels To Watch

PEPE has a major resistance at $0.00001, which opens the possibility of a further 20% gain.