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The Best Crypto Credit Cards and How to Use Them

Adekunle Joshua

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm within the last decade. Not only has it become large enough to be considered an entire industry by itself, but it has also quickly overtaken any other financial industry.

However, the fact remains that cryptocurrency is still a relatively new concept to the larger masses, who, maybe, are not as tech-savvy as full-time crypto investors.

That is why it is pretty natural to have many questions about how the industry works and how one can find their inlet into it.

Especially if someone has freshly entered the space and is looking to find out more about how cards work in the web3 space.

A crypto credit card works much as any regular credit card would. It is a credit card that lets you draw in cryptocurrencies. Also, you get to essentially borrow from the credit card issuer, in terms of cryptocurrencies and pay back the amount drawn later. This is different from a crypto debit card, where you can only withdraw the amount you already own.

Credit Cards with Crypto Rewards

There are many credit cards you can get rewards from, and the rewards will be in terms of cryptocurrencies. Of course, the validity of credit cards varies from country to country. However, popular options like Gemini credit cards, Venmo, SoFi credit card, Brex, etc., are some credits that give out crypto rewards.

Are Crypto Rewards Credit Cards a Good Idea

Credit cards that give the user crypto rewards are an excellent way to nudge nascent crypto enthusiasts into the world of cryptocurrency. Investing in cryptocurrency or using it in real-world transactions is also incentivized by using credit cards that give away crypto rewards. Besides, such credit cards can be found almost universally, giving seasoned crypto veterans a reason to stay in the industry. So yes, crypto rewards credit cards can be a really good idea.

Best crypto credit cards 2022: Cryptocurrency rewards

While many credit cards offer crypto rewards, only some have made it to the top spots. Gemini credit card, Block FI Rewards Visa Signature Card, and Nexo card top the list, while many others also make it to the bests. SoFi credit card and Coinbase card also follow closely at the heels.

Best Crypto Credit Cards | The Ascent

According to the rankings published by The Ascent in their May 2022 update, the best crypto credit cards vary in perks. For example, the SoFi credit card has the highest rewards rate, while BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Card has a very rich bonus for first-timers. Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards card is for those with a good credit score already, while Venmo credit cards are the best if you want to make more money.

Best Crypto Credit Cards for August 2022

The basis on which one judges crypto credit cards could vary. However, some credit cards go a long way regarding the crypto rewards they give back. For example, BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Card. Gives up to 2% returns in terms of rewards. SoFi credit card also has a 2% return rate for crypto rewards.

The 6 Best Credit Cards that Earn Crypto Rewards [2022]

BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Card, Brex 30 card, and Gemini card are all crypto credit cards that are the best currently. Other than these are the Nexo Card, the SoFo credit card, and the Celcius card.

Top 4 Crypto Credit Cards in 2022 

If you are looking for a card that gives the best returns in Bitcoins at the moment, you should consider a BlockFi credit card. Again, the Crypto.com card has the most flexible terms, while the Nexo card is arguably the best when it comes to No Fees. You also have the Emily card, which ensures a wonderful user experience and card-user interface.

Crypto Credit Cards Catching on

Even though cryptocurrency has not become the most common way to undertake transactions or investments, it is gaining much traction very quickly now. With crypto credit cards like the BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature credit card offering rewards and easing out the entire credit card experience, crypto credit cards are certainly catching up in popularity.

As of now, cryptocurrency can still be considered a rather unpredictable asset. With something like this, you have to understand that the risk factor can be quite high, too. So if you incur a loss of credit card debt in your pursuit of purchasing cryptocurrency, you will be bringing on a high-risk investment upon yourself. Make sure you make smart moves.

While you can buy cryptocurrency with a credit card, most crypto buying and trading platforms charge quite a considerable amount as a percentage. Cryptocurrency transactions or purchases will need you to pay a specific charge. So, yes, your credit card will very likely charge you for buying a cryptocurrency.

Almost anyone could technically find cryptocurrency a more accessible alternative to credit card payments. Cryptocurrency transactions do not typically charge the parties involved with additional charges, unlike most credit cards currently doing the rounds. Plus, once a cryptocurrency is accepted, it can become a universal payment mode that doesn't need any translation.

If you're using a credit card to buy cryptocurrency, you will need to use some crypto purchasing platforms that deal exclusively with this action. For example, platforms like Pionex, Bitstamp, Binance, and Bybit. Other than that, Crypto.com, Coinmama, Coinsmart, etc., are popular crypto purchasing platforms.

Whether you get to use your visa credit card to purchase cryptocurrency or not largely depends on the merchant or the seller. If the merchant accepts a Visa-partnered crypto credit card, you will be able to use yours to that end. You must remember that your merchant or seller needs to be compatible with your mode of transaction for the process to run smoothly.

Despite the hundred and one reasons cryptocurrency has earned its popularity, it is a rather tall claim that Bitcoin will replace credit cards soon. This is simply because the infrastructure development is not on par for a complete replacement. This might, however, be a long-term prediction.

If you use your credit card to buy cryptocurrency, make sure you have thoroughly been through the regulation about the same in terms of the law and your merchant's policies. Some crypto purchasing platforms, for example, don't allow buyers to purchase crypto with credit cards, while others might only allow certain types of credit cards, like Visa or MasterCard.

Some customers are facing problems while making purchases using Coinbase. If you have faced a similar problem, it is essential to note that it is not Coinbase that is declining your purchase, but it is the banks. For UK customers, you need to have a 3D secure to support your purchases. This payment method will not have to pre-fund your account to buy. You can purchase instantly without waiting for a bank transfer to complete.

Your Coinbase card is a visa debit card that allows you to spend the balance of your crypto assets in your Coinbase account. It is the quickest and easiest way to spend your crypto globally.

Whether you can buy stable coins using your credit card depends largely on the bank that has issued your credit card. Many major credit card companies prohibit their customers from buying cryptocurrencies using credit cards. Those allowing you to buy crypto with your card (such as Visa and Mastercard) will likely consider it a cash advance. You'll be charged a cash advance fee (generally 3% to 5% of the transaction).

Yes. Once a user has verified their account on Coinmama, they can purchase Bitcoin using a debit card, credit card, or wire transfer from their bank account. Once cleared, you can buy Bitcoins for up to 15,000 USD with your debit or credit card.

Crypto credit cards are currently gaining popularity in the US and are becoming readily available. Easy access to crypto might appeal to both existing crypto enthusiasts and curious investors looking to enter the market. However, it leaves a lot to be desired regarding rewarding value. Crypto credit cards offer only lukewarm reward rates, which, combined with cryptocurrency volatility, generates a substantial opportunity cost in forgoing guaranteed points or cashback redemptions offered by regular credit card companies. Thus, it could be said that crypto credit cards have a long way ahead before their value matches the credit cards that exist in the market today.

One of the essential benefits of having a credit Card is that it allows you to convert your cryptocurrencies into spendable money. It is an easy option for investors to spend their assets more quickly. Moreover, there is no credit check. Your credit score does not become a qualifying factor for a crypto credit card. One of crypto credit cards' main cons is that they are not universally accepted. Moreover, cardholders do not earn rewards on all their spending compared to traditional credit cards.