3 Bullish Chart Patterns Every Crypto Trader Should Know

Bullish chart patterns are important patterns every trader needs to know

The crypto market is currently one of the most unforgiving markets to trade in

The crypto market is a highly volatile one. This means that the prices fluctuate quickly, and only the prepared make it out

Ascending Triangles, Ascending triangles consist of a trendline on their lower part, guiding the price of a cryptocurrency to the upside. On the top of the ascending triangle, we have a relatively flat trendline acting as the resistance

The Bullish Falling Wedge, The falling wedge is a bullish chart pattern that occurs when an asset’s trend is bullish, and a correction occurs

Bullish Rectangles, Bullish rectangles are sometimes called sideways channels. They consist of the price action of an asset being bounded on either side by two relatively flat trendlines