The Best Crypto Credit Cards and How to Use Them

A crypto credit card works much as any regular credit card would, it is a credit card that lets you draw in cryptocurrencies

There are many credit cards you can get rewards from, and the rewards will be in terms of cryptocurrencies

While many credit cards offer crypto rewards, only some have made it to the top spots like Gemini credit card

Block FI Rewards Visa Signature Card, and Nexo card top the list, while many others also make it to the bests

SoFi credit card and Coinbase card also follow closely at the heels

Cryptocurrency transactions do not typically charge the parties involved with additional charges, unlike most credit cards currently doing the rounds

If you’re using a credit card to buy cryptocurrency, you will need to use some crypto purchasing platforms that deal exclusively with this action

For example, platforms like Pionex, Bitstamp, Binance, and Bybit. Other than that,, Coinmama, Coinsmart, etc., are popular crypto purchasing platforms