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Addidas Debuts Metaverse With Its First Collection of Virtual Wearables




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Key Insights

  • Adidas launches interoperable NFT wearables.
  • These wearables are to be part of the company’s metaverse strategy
  • The fashion company will also launch a PFP dressing tool


Adidas Originals launches its first 16 digital wearables under its recent product category, “Virtual Gear.” The year-long Metaverse strategy is finally worth the wait with the company’s revolutionary step to amp up digital fashion. As a part of their Metaverse strategy, the company randomly allocated these wearables, and the users can now either reveal or flip them. 

What Forms Adidas’ Virtual Gear? 

Adidas’ virtual gear comprises jackets with specific features that might look impossible or utopic outside the virtual world.

However, the company’s recent wearables launch carved a niche digitally. Be it a puffer coat with compelling colors or a crystal-looking hoodie with an Adidas logo; one could seldom think of them in the real world.

That’s not all; Adidas offers various jackets with neon piping, rubber soles, etc., to take digital fashion a notch higher.

A Bright Future for Adidas’ Virtual Gear

The virtual gear collection of Adidas will be sold as NFTs and aims to dress up the digital avatars. No wonder the company ensures high interoperability of these wearables to ensure seamless operations with other projects. 


Erika Wykes-Sneyd, Adidas Three Stripes Studio Vice President, also claimed the company’s continuous aim to tap into the Web3 ecosystem. 

The Web3 ecosystem would also provide these Adidas Originals to rethink and develop high-efficiency digital wearables for better-augmented reality. 

No wonder the virtual gear would eventually aim at offering maximum utility to its community members. 

Allocating Digital Wearables

The owners of the Adidas Originals Capsule NFTs can enjoy the digital wearables under the “Virtual Gear” collection. These wearables were arbitrarily assigned to the users, and the latter has two choices now. First, the users can reveal the wearable they received by burning the Capsule NFT. Secondly, users can also sell in the market without knowing the wearable they received. 

However, this does not limit the scope for non-owners. Non-owners can also purchase digital wearables from owners of Adidas Capsule, who are willing to sell their wearables in the NFT marketplace. 



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