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5 Top Cryptos To Watch This Week

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Circle Partners with Nubank to Boost USDC Stablecoin in Brazil

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Bitcoin Investment Products Records $1.5 Billion Year-to-Date Inflows

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Top 6 Ethereum Rivals

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What is Dogecoin?


Shibarium Updates Propel SHIB Price Surge

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Crypto Investors Beware: Scammers Now Impersonating VC Executives on Telegram

Scammers are now impersonating venture capital executives on Telegram to steal crypto from investors.

3 Min Read

Mystery Bitcoin Wallet Moves $450 Million BTC, Sparking Debate: Whale or Exchange Consolidation?

Key Insights Crypto whales have been especially active this year. In particular, an anonymous BTC “whale address” has caught the attention

4 Min Read

What’s Happening In The Market? NFT, Metaverse, Gaming Tokens Surge

Key Insights The crypto market has seen a lot of volatility in the past week, especially with its reluctance to

5 Min Read

$40K Bitcoin Is Around The Corner: Analysts Reveal Next BTC Move

Bitcoin's bullish sentiment is high, and it is likely to break and close above $40,000 soon.

6 Min Read

AI Will One Day Come For Us, Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin Says

Key Insights According to a recent blog post from Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, the recent advancements in AI can have some

5 Min Read

MUNGER Memecoin Explodes 50,000% After Munger’s Death, Crashes Right Back

A new memecoin called $MUNGER was created shortly after Charlie Munger's death.

4 Min Read


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How to tell if a telegram admin is real or fake

Spotting imposters on Telegram can be tricky in this crypto world where scams and

0 Min Read

The Untold Story of Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin | DeFi King’s Life Uncovered

Join us on an extraordinary journey into the life and mind of Vitalik Buterin,

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Most Popular

What Is Yearn? The DeFi Gateway Everyone Is Talking About

What is Yearn? A common question in the minds of those in the blockchain and cryptocurrency circles lately. Yearn is a decentralized

2 Min Read

Big Whale Who Made $29million+ from Ethereum Alone, Deposits 5000 ETH to Binance: Slump Incoming?

A whale has recently deposited 5,000 ETH to Binance which is worth

Bitcoin Slides Below $28,000 as Mining Difficulty Hits Record High Amid Regulatory Woes

Key Insights Bitcoin has slid below $28,000 after Fresh Regulatory Woes, freshly

1inch Investment Fund Makes Strategic ETH Investment, Profits $10M

1Inch Investment Fund has been buying and accumulating massive amounts of ETH since January this year.

5 Min Read

Top Crypto Airdrops to Watch out for in July 2022

Introduction The concept of participation in airdrop activities is lucrative as millions of people – including crypto newbies – have made thousands

4 Min Read

Mastercard, Candy Digital, The Sandbox, and Others Partner for NFT-enabled Payments

In a bid to expand access to the Non-Fungible Tokens market, MasterCard has announced crypto partners for NFT-enabled payments. The announcement was

3 Min Read

These Investor Cohorts Aggressively Accumulate Bitcoin Following FTX Debacle: Analytics Firm

Key Insights Shrimp and crab BTC holders have increased their holdings after the FTX collapse. The increase in accumulation has therefore led

4 Min Read

BTC Price Volatility Drops to Historic Levels: Big Move or Calmer water ahead?

Bitcoin (BTC) price volatility has reached historic lows over the last week.

7 Min Read
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