Buckle up for an Altcoin Season in 45 Days, Top Analyst Says

Crypto Analyst Predicts Altcoin Surge: Keep an Eye on SUI, Eldarune (ELDA), and Cardano (ADA)
Buckle up for an Altcoin Season in 45 Days, Top Analyst Says

Key Insights

  • A prominent crypto analyst recently predicted a new altcoin season in 45 days based on historical patterns and current market trends.

  • The analyst suggests Bitcoin surpassing its previous all-time high will trigger the altcoin season. A correction is expected after this.

  • Three altcoins with the potential for significant gains in the coming altcoin season are SUI, ELDA, and Cardano (ADA).

  • Analyst Michael van de Poppe sees SUI breaking out against Bitcoin and reaching $3-4 in the coming quarter.

  • Analyst Ali sees ELDA breaking out of a descending triangle formation and potentially rallying 68% to $0.034.

The crypto market is showing considerable signs of growth in 2024 particularly, especially as the Bitcoin halving closes in.

As the crypto market buzzes with anticipation, the words “altcoin season" are on every investor's lips.

And this is understandable.

Altcoins are shooting up everywhere, and according to a prominent analyst, the start of the next one is only 45 days away.

The 45-Day Forecast

Crypto Banter, one of the most prominent crypto analysts on YouTube recently predicted in a recent video, that the next altcoin season is a mere 45 days away.

The analyst made this forecast based on historical market patterns and the current state of the crypto market.

According to Banter, now might be the best time for investors to identify and invest in low-cap cryptocurrencies that have the most potential for gains in the coming bull run.

Moreover, the analyst explained that altcoin seasons typically begin with Bitcoin’s surge, followed by Ethereum’s before the high-cap altcoins. Fencer suggested that once Bitcoin breaks above its previous all-time high, it is the ultimate signal of a race for altcoins.

The analyst explained that approximately 22 days after Bitcoin hits and breaks its previous high, cryptocurrencies usually enter a correction (which is what we have seen ).

At the time of writing, we are around 14 days into this correction, and there are already signs of an incoming correction.

Judging by this, we can expect the altcoin season to hit in a month, give or take.

The Top Cryptos To Watch

When the altcoin heat comes in, there might be a few of these top altcoins to keep an eye out for, and here are three of them from the market’s top analysts.

1. Watch Out For SUI

Renowned crypto analyst, Michael van de Poppe in a recent tweet, SUI is a solid cryptocurrency to keep an eye out for.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Sui’s price prediction</p></div>

Sui’s price prediction

The analyst referred to SUI’s price action as being in a “great chart”, showing a clear upward trend against Bitcoin.

Van de Poppe expects SUI to break out against Bitcoin and outperform the flagship cryptocurrency in the coming quarter (starting in April), before doing a 50% - 100% price increase.

Given that SUI currently trades at around $2, van de Poppe expects the cryptocurrency to rally up to anywhere between $3 and $4.

2. Eldarune ($ELDA) Is Up To Something

Ali in a recent tweet, referred to ELDA as a “hidden gem”.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>ELDA’s outlook</p></div>

ELDA’s outlook

Ali opined that ELDA is showing strong signs of a bullish breakout, and might be showing promising signs of a breakout from the descending triangle formation shown above.

Ali anticipates that if we see a break above $0.2 on ELDA, we might see the cryptocurrency rally by around 68% from $0.018 and $0.034.

“Keep a close eye on this one!” the analyst says.

3. Cardano Is About To Repeat This Pattern

According to analyst, Dan Gambardello in a recent tweet Cardano is showing signs of repeating what it did in the last cycle.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Cardano’s outlook</p></div>

Cardano’s outlook

The analyst wondered why investors are starting to give up on Bitcoin, especially now that it is starting to bottom out against Bitcoin.

The analyst says that there is no guarantee that history will repeat. However, we are bound to see an explosive run on Cardano.

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