Top 5 Altcoins Under $1 To Add To Your Portfolio In April 2023

Top 5 Altcoins Under $1 To Add To Your Portfolio In April 2023

After a prolonged crypto winter, altcoins have finally caught up with Bitcin in their rally. Several altcoins like XRP and Dogecoin have strong fundamental reasons to be added to your portfolio. Others have become lucrative because of the growth in their respective industry. We have also picked up a few Altcoins showing great on-chain strength.

Status of Altcoin Markets

After continually falling in the crypto winter, the altcoin market has finally risen up. Bitcoin leads the overall market rally from a low of $15,599. It has nearly doubled and might soon cross the psychological barrier of $30,000, which is also close to the price level for a Fibonacci Retracement.

The Battle of Regulations

Altcoins such as XRP have witnessed accumulation because of the impending judgment in the Ripple Labs vs. SEC case, which is highly anticipated to be in XRP's favor. Over the past years, there have also been severe regulatory actions in major economies like USA, India, UK, China, etc. However, these actions seem to soften in the current year, with China's Hong Kong being tested for its potential to become a crypto hub. India, too has somewhat softened its stance and is awaiting global regulations to step in before making any regulations by itself.


The current Altcoin market cap is nearly $630 billion, with Ethereum leading with $218 billion. Further, several of them have shown tremendous growth, like XRP, which recently crossed the $20 billion market cap. Several altcoins like Polygon(MATIC) crossed $1 to reclaim 64% of their one-year high price.

In this article, we have brought you similar projects which have the potential to gain significantly from the current market rally. Further, these cryptocurrencies have strong fundamental reasons which will help them easily cross price hurdles.

Top 5 Altcoins under $1 for April 2023

  • XRP ($0.55)

Ripple Labs has been fighting a long court battle against SEC since Dec 2020 for its alleged issuance of XRP without the SEC's Approval. However, lately, there has been ripe speculation that Ripple will gain whatever the outcome of the case. XRP has a very favorable risk-reward ratio. If SEC wins, Ripple can appeal in higher courts. If Ripple wins, it will send overall crypto markets in an upward price spiral.

It has already gained 26% in the last week.

  • Cardano (0.38)

Cardano is witnessing a lot of developmental activity. It launched a stablecoin, Djed, to bring liquidity to its ecosystem. Further, IOHK, the developers of Cardano, carried out the SECP upgrade, which enables cross-chain functionality. Further, dcSpark, an ecosystem builder of Cardano, has claimed to implement recoverable wallets in the blockchain, a major pain point in blockchain technology. It would enable funds to be recovered even if keys are lost.

Cardano is also witnessing a whale accumulation which is visible in its on-chain data, as per Sentiment.

  • Shiba Inu ($0.000010)

Shiba Inu has a very strong community, and with the development of its own blockchain, the Shibarium, it can reduce the high transaction costs that it is experiencing in the Ethereum blockchain. It also has re-launched its test net for Shibarium after experiencing a glitch.

Further, since the cryptocurrency is priced just at $0.000010, it makes a psychological impact that it is way cheaper.

  • Algorand ($0.23)

Algorand is focused on building a utility-oriented blockchain with high scalability and strong security. Cryptocurrency benefits from an ecosystem of support that it gets from large institutions. Further, since its founder Professor Silvio Micali hails from MIT, it gives the blockchain further access to a network of the world's most proficient people in technology. Lately, the Algorand foundation has branched out to India to get access to high-quality developers at affordable prices.

Another aspect that makes Algorand a quality choice is that it has almost zero transaction fees and is available on almost all multi-coin wallets.

  • Sandbox ($0.63)

Sandbox benefits from the renewed interest in the utility NFT technology. Since Jan 2023, NFT markets have been rising though they faced some hurdles after the SVB collapse. Yet, since most of the funds were recovered, we can expect NFT markets to resume growth once again.

Disclaimer: Voice of crypto aims to deliver accurate and up-to-date information, but it will not be responsible for any missing facts or inaccurate information. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile financial assets, so research and make your own financial decisions.

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