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Binance Card Now Supports SHIB, AVAX, and XRP Tokens




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Shiba Inu, potentially the world’s most popular meme-inspired cryptocurrency, and XRP, a cross-border payment method, are now available as payment options at over 60 million merchants worldwide with Binance Card.

Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has just announced that the altcoins and Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible Avalanche (AVAX) are now added as payment methods to its popular Binance Card.



Binance Card Supports Major Cryptocurrencies

The Binance Card is only available for European Economic Area (EEA) users and Ukrainian refugees. It now supports over 14 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), BNB (BNB), BUSD, Polkadot (DOT), FC Porto Fan Token (PORTO), USDT, and Cardano (ADA).

It turns out that BNB has been steadily outperforming Bitcoin over the last few weeks as it’s continuing a price discovery phase during this current bear market.

With over 1.2 million Ethereum addresses holding SHIB, it is clear that the token has seen an increase in popularity during this period despite being a bear market – showing how much people trust it. Eight months ago, the number stood at one million.

Shiba Inu Price Analysis

Shiba Inu Price

Shiba Inu Price | TradingView 

The price of SHIB went up 4.52% in the last day to $0.000013, and trading volumes are on an upward trend with an 80.42% increase. The technical indicators point towards more good news for this crypto soon enough.

AVAX Price Analysis

AVAX broke out above strong resistance at $26.38 on Aug 6th, indicating that the bullish pattern may be ending.

AVAX/USDT daily chart

AVAX/USDT daily chart | Source: TradingView 

With a strong upward trend, the AVAX/USDT pair could rise to $33 and later complete its pattern target of $39.05. The RSI, which rose into the overbought zone, suggests that there may be a minor correction in store for investors.

If the bulls manage to turn the $26.38 level into support during the next correction, it will signal a potential trend change. There is a chance that the positive view on the price could be invalidated in the near term if it turns down and breaks below moving averages.


XRP Price Analysis

The overall market pressure was not too great for XRP, which declined by 5.15%.

XRP Price

XRP Price | Source: TradingView

XRP is showing bearish behavior, breaking through its local support level at $0.36534 on the daily chart. Bears are in control, and it seems they will keep pushing the price downward. One can expect a further drop to $0.345 by the week’s end. XRP is trading at a value of $0.36337 right now.


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