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Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Altcoin Price Analysis – July 04




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Bitcoin (BTC) price recovery brings the top asset’s price above the crucial $20,000 mark on Monday, July 04. The day’s top performers were Thorchain (RUNE) and Polygon (MATIC). As the mark recovered on the back of BTC’s minor gains, Ethereum (ETH) price tested $1000, and XRP struggled to make it to $0.325. 

Bitcoin Price

The bitcoin price hits a new low after its initial price of $19500. It remained at $19200 for some time, followed by consolidating itself at $19,100. The first resistance of the Bitcoin price was faced at 19350, followed by a weekly resistance of $20,00. Above this, the price is expected to rise.

On the other hand, the first support point of bitcoin is at $19,000, followed by  $18,800, beyond which the prices could undergo a fatal decline.

Ethereum price

Ethereum tried a tough recovery in terms of its price but failed to reach beyond $1100. In fact, it moved further below and consolidated at $1050, with its resistance set at $1060. The following resistance is at $1100, beyond which the price of Ethereum is expected to recover. However, if there is no recovery wave, the price of Ethereum may further fall as low as $1000, with the next support at $950.

Altcoin price highlights

Cardano is reported to fail to clear its resistance levels at $0.48 and $0.50.


BNB is floating between $225 and $212, the latter being its support zone.

Solana fails to meet its target of $35, narrowing its profits.

DOGE is reported to be in a stable position of a support zone of $0.065, with resistance at $0.068. The price is expected to rise to $0.072 beyond the support zone.

The price of XRP is struggling to settle between 0.325 and 0. 332 with the main consolidation at $0.35. The prices of XRP are expected to rise beyond this zone.

QNT, SAND, DFI, and other altcoins have exhibited many positive movements in the price market, with AR and RUNE ascribed the best performers amongst the top 100 crypto assets in the market. AR leaped to a high of 14% beyond $11, while RUNE made it to 8%, reaching the $2 mark.

To sum it up, bitcoins trading below $20,000 with a daily close below $18,800 indicates a further drop in the price levels, maximizing losses.


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