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Raoul Pal thinks that the bottom is in for crypto markets and over the next decade, we will see the entire space get to a 200 Trillion Market Cap, representing a 200x from current prices.

At the recent Salt Financial Conference held in New York, Macro economic expert Raoul Pal sat down with Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead to discuss why we are still so early to the crypto space, why the Ethereum merge is incredibly bullish and also how we have only just seen the tip of the iceberg of institutional capital that is coming in the market.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where Raoul and Dan discuss how they see Crypto growing over the next decade and how it gets to billions of users as it exponentially grows.

Varuni is an experienced crypto analyst and journalist with a keen interest in the Web3, blockchain, metaverse and NFT space. She's currently heading the Voice of Crypto team as the Editor-in-Chief and believes that decentralized web is the way to go.

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