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Canary Wharf Hilton – Blockchain-NFT- Web3- Fintech- Metaverse Round Up




Web3 Event

London once again bloomed with an incredible Blockchain-NFT– Web 3- Fintech- Metaverse event that took place at the Canary Wharf Hilton. The event was graced by industry experts, leaders, and enthusiast

Event Hosts

The grand event was hosted by Surya Chowdhury, the CEO, and Founder of He brings a deep technical expertise and an innovative perspective for Flaxbit and FLAXNFT’s next phase of growth.

Peter Meli, Economic Attache to Malta, kicked off the event with an opening speech.

 Representative of Malta Peter Maley

The much-awaited event also saw the participation of industry proponents like Dr. Christina Yan Zhang, Victoria Pallot, Jessica Tighe & Kane Mearns-Smith brainstorming on important aspects of Blockchain, NFTs, and Metaverse. 

The event was also studded with stars of the ecosystem dropping in lights on the core concepts of Blockchain and Metaverse Space.


Keynote Speaker

Tech Pioneer Alan Boyd

The event’s keynote speaker was the tech pioneer Alan Boyd, who reported to Bill Gates as the 32nd Employee of Microsoft. Boyd has launched the world’s first Digital Autonomous Lifeforms (DAULs), AI virtual assistants are “Born on the Blockchain, Live in the Metaverse.”

Power of Women in WEB3

Women in Web3


The event also saw a huge participation of Women excelling in the Web3 ecosystem.

The Following Speakers Also Attended the Event:

  • Ms. Denisse Rudich CEO / CCO & Co-Founder Rudich Advisory / ElementaryB¬†
  • Mr. Ashley Shipman CEO Co Angels & Unicorns Network¬†
  • Mr. Marcus Sotiriou Analyst at GlobalBlock¬†
  • Mrs. Victoria Pallot CEO XRdoge and CEO and co-founder Musicia XRD & Musicia
  • Mr. Abhishek Singh Rajpurohit – Co-founder & Chief Metaverse officer of Acknoledger¬†
  • Ms. Nanda Khiara Founder & Fine Art Artist, Gallery NK & Nandq Khiara
  • Ms. Elena Rivers, Co-founder and CEO Unblockers¬†
  • Mr. Ozgur Kaplan -Founder DLT lounge
  • Ms. Alexandra Wang UK Operation and PR Partner Pixie¬†
  • Mr. Martin Krupik-Visionary & Founder of Emersa & Beamport¬†
  • Miss Roxana Nasoi Interim Chief Marketing Officer MetaversusWorld¬†
  • Mr. James Cochrane-Dyet Entrepreneur, Founder of Atlas Labs and Popp¬†
  • Mr. Kirill Slavin Co-founder of¬†
  • Mr Bryan Yap CTO & Co-Founder Amata World¬†
  • Mr. Matt King CEO of Queue-Fair¬†
  • Ms Ana Domina CEO & Co-Founder Amata World¬†
  • Mr. Marty Wolf CEO & Co-Founder Gaian Guardians Mr. Kane Mearns-Smith Director, Founder & Lead Creative Dr.Death (Tighe-Mearns-Smith Ltd)¬†
  • Mr. Amaechi Okolobi Blockchain Developer & Advocate Chainlink
  • Mr. Tyrese Tetteh -Blockchain Developer & advocate -CHAINLINK¬†
  • Mr. Amad Azam Founder, Director, Business Concept Engineer Pro Evolution Ltd-¬†
  • Mr. Carl Dawkins Head Of Growth / Presenter Tamadoge / Host of Carl Talks Crypto¬†
  • Mr. Joao Nina Matos Founder¬†
  • Mr. Hari Ponniah Founder Aadiland¬†
  • Mr. Jareth Mansfield Founder TRKFNFT¬†
  • Mr. Sanjay Mehta Co-founder and CEO Sphere Metaverse¬†
  • Mr. Zul Ahmed Director of product delivery at Bloktopia¬†
  • Mr. Simon Hooper Founder of ReMeLife¬†

Surya Chowdhury wrapped the event by saying,

“Thanks all for joining the event. The event was a great success, we learned a lot, and the community was really enthusiastic. Because of the amazing turn-out, we saw at this event, we are also planning to create an NFT Fund.”

VOC, Voice of crypto,

Lastly, Balbir Judge also addressed the event with a thanksgiving speech; he said,

“Thank you all for attending the event and thank organizers for pulling out such a great event. He also thank Voice of Crypto for being their media partner”

VOC, VoiceOfCrypto

Further, the organizers also said, “We are also planning to explore collaborations and partnerships with nft & web 3 projects”


It was one the most followed event where specific guests experienced an extraordinary line-up of content, including iconic keynote speeches, educational talks, panels, and Q & A sessions. This event also witnessed many collaborative experiences, including competitions, gatherings, and team sessions. 



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