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Cardano-based Smart Contracts Surpass the 3,000 Mark for the First Time




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With the latest update to its blockchain in September 2021, Cardano can now provide faster scalability and performance.

The recently proposed Vasil hard fork has allowed Plutus Scripts, an ADA-based smart contracts platform, to hit over 3,000 smart contracts.

Cardano Plutus smart contracts

Cardano Plutus smart contracts | Source: Cardano Blockchain Insights 

The graph shows the number of Plutus-based smart contracts now operating on the Cardano blockchain. As of August 2, the number of smart contracts stands at 3,015.

Thanks to its Alonso hard fork, the Cardano blockchain is now an excellent platform for developing Defi applications and programmable logic.

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, has spoken out against those who say that the planned deployment of their Vasil hard fork could be detrimental to smart contract functionality.

The founder of the network has assured that smart contracts are compatible with their changes, eliminating any need for re-writing.


The founder of this company has come out to assure customers that their funds are safe and the project will continue as planned. He called these so-called “trolls” who spread misinformation about it, stressing how they’re just stupid people doing nothing but spreading FUD (fear uncertainty doubt).





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