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CoinFantasy – Project Review




CoinFantasy - Project Review

Project USP: 

  • Blockchain-Enabled Instant Settlement
  • Decentralised Platform
  • Gamification
  • Community-Driven
  • Coin Launch – Gamified Launchpad for crypto projects
  • Smart Credit System

Project Trivia:

The Robinhood saga with Dogecoin is a perfect example in which users from the traditional space were investing without understanding the volatility of the market. That was our eureka moment for creating a platform in which users can get exposure to the primary assets without any losses.

We believed that the perfect way to solve the problem would be to take the fantasy gaming route.

Project Founders: 




Harishkarthik Gunalan

I am Harishkarthik Gunalan, the Co-Founder & CEO of CoinFantasy. I have a master’s degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I have 9+ years of experience in the software industry and have worked in several Fortune 500 companies and overseen diverse teams in Sweden, UAE, USA, and India. Besides, I have experience building several blockchain Dapps.



The project’s token is called $cFantasy with a circulating supply of 500,000,000, which is listed on Metamask. 

Latest funding rounds/Investment:


CoinFantasy successfully raised $3.5m through 3 rounds of fundraising. 

Their lead investors include Sandeep Nailwal (Co-Founder of Polygon),  Avalanche Blizzard Fund, SL2 Capital, Cipholio Ventures, Poolz Ventures, Magnus Capital, Signal VC, Dutch Crypto Investors,  Moonwhale Ventures, Maven Capital, Titan Ventures, New Tribe Capital, CSP DAO, Bluewheel Capital, ExtraWatts, Enjin starter, Amora capital, ZBS Capital


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