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Crypto Enthusiast Tushar Gandotra Says “Bear Markets are to Build”




Growth of Web 3.0, Blockchain, and Crypto with Tushar Gandotra

Renowned Crypto Enthusiast based out of India, Tushar Gandotra, spoke to Voice of Crypto (VOC) in a recent interview about Crypto, Web3.0, and the growing Metaverse and NFTs space. 

In the exclusive interview with VOC, Gandotra, the CEO of FieX Global, presented his views on the industry. 

Given his passion for the emerging space and the work, Gandotra has done in the Web 3.0 ecosystem, he has often been featured on major news sites like, The Free Press Journal, and CNBC, among others.

How Has Web 3.0 Evolved?

Replying to a question about how things have changed in crypto and Web 3.0 space compared to the early days of 2016, Gandotra said: 

“Despite the current advancement of the crypto space, this $2 million industry is just a tiny fraction in front of the global standard and has a long way to go.”


He further called “smart contracts” the base of this evolving space.’

Gandotra added,

“Crypto space is a fast-paced industry with much learning needed.”

NFTs for the Run 

On being asked about the two best things happening in the crypto space,

Gandotra said that NFTs are a fantastic technology that gives its creators and buyers full ownership. He believes smart contracts have a huge potential, given their lucrative use cases.

He further said, “Blockchain is the right fit.”


The tech-savvy entrepreneur was also asked what two things need to be done better in the sector. 

To which he said that proper use of the technology, especially for NFTs, people should get thorough knowledge of the sector, and companies jumping on the NFT bandwagon must follow ethical work procedures. 

Gandotra also shared his view on the current bear market; he believes that the bear market reveals the “assets” true value as FOMO does not drive it. He also asserted that the bear market is essential for the Crypto economy as it removes the disturbing noise about things that hold no value. 

Bear Markets Are for Building

Gandotra further spoke about the future of Metaverse and Web3.0 in India. He emphasized that Metaverse is here to stay. He believed India is leading in technological developments, given the current development in FinTech or Telecommunities. 

Considering the potential of the Blockchain, Gandotra says this technology has a great scope to solve the Indian corruption woes due to its immutability. Lastly, he added,

“India has the potential and can take center stage in the crypto community,” he anticipates.


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