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Data Reveals the US States Most Interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum.




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New data from CoinGecko has revealed that California is America’s most inquisitive state regarding Crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With almost half (43%) of all Bitcoin and Ethereum web traffic searches coming from just one state, it’s no surprise that California takes top honors regarding cryptocurrency popularity. This is surprising since the state only accounts for 11.9% of the US population.

California also crowns blue-chip cryptocurrency interest, which has long been considered a major technological hub. Some of the state’s largest companies invested in blockchain-based applications and crypto startups include Apple, Google Meta, PayPal, and Fargo.

Coinbase is one of the first major crypto companies to be headquartered in California, despite no longer having a headquarters today. In the wake of recent technological advancements, California has become a hub for Web3 projects like The Graph, Helium, MakerDAO, and dYdX.

US Is the Centre Hub for Bitcoin

Many prestigious universities in California have excellent engineering and technology departments, such as Stanford University and Caltech. CoinGecko also noted that other states with a strong interest in cryptocurrencies include Illinois, New York, and Florida. The rest of the list comprises Pennsylvania residents, followed by Texas, Virginia, Georgia, and Arizona.

Top 10 U.S. states with the most Bitcoin and Ethereum web page traffic

Top 10 U.S. states with the most Bitcoin and Ethereum web page traffic | Source: CoinGecko

It appears that across the 20 states, most of the traffic to this website comes from people looking for information about Bitcoin. However, people in four states ( Colorado, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Florida) are more interested in Ethereum than Bitcoin.

The information collected between May 2 and Aug 21, 2022, only includes web traffic from America’s shores. The data was indexed on an awesome scale of 0-100, with 100 representing the highest point in web traffic (California) relative to other states.

Another interesting fact is the recent survey revealed that over 64% of US-based parents want crypto to be taught in school classrooms. In the global rankings for crypto-friendly regulation and legislation, the United States ranking tops, with Germany beating out Singapore, Australia, and Switzerland.


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