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Disney Forays Further into For Emerging Technologies And NFTs




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NFTs have undoubtedly become popular since they entered the limelight around 2017. So far, individuals and corporations alike are jumping on the trend, right when the market for NFTs became popular around 2020.

So far, a wide range of real-world assets has been tokenized and converted into NFTs. From pictures, GIFs, music, and even digital land. The demand for NFTs has boomed so far, with some tokenized assets selling for only a few cents, while others sell for millions.

Good examples include the Beeple, Everydays NFT which sold for $69.3 million, or the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Ape #8817 which sold for $3 million.

So far, Disney is one of the latest corporations to jump on the trend.

Disney Featuring NFTs

Recently, the multi-billion dollar company appears to be on the verge of venturing into the world of NFT creation, minting and sales. This became public knowledge after the company posted a new job advert on their Disney careers website for an “experienced corporate attorney” to work on (in their words), “emerging technologies”.


According to the posting on the website on September 23rd (last week on Friday), Disney is in need of an experienced corporate attorney with extensive experience handling corporate transactions, emerging technologies, and of course, NFTs. These emerging technologies” are to include blockchain technology, metaverse applications, and Defi (decentralized finance).

To add more specificity, what Disney needs is an attorney to provide full-cycle legal advice, due diligence for blockchain technology/NFT applications, and to provide legal advice on cryptocurrency matters.

Whoever Disney hires is to be responsible for ensuring that these new defi, blockchain, and NFT applications comply with all current laws and regulations on US soil, as well as internationally.

Disney And Other Potential Ventures

It has become increasingly obvious that Disney is starting to position itself around the world of blockchains, crypto, and metaverse technology. Its CEO, Bob Chapek has also mentioned that Disney was preparing to blend virtual and physical assets in the metaverse.

Chapek made this statement in November 2021. Barely a few weeks after, Disney filed a patent for a virtual world simulator, for potential application in a theme park setup.

According to the details of the patent, Disney’s theme park could include elements of AR/VR (augmented and virtual reality) and could involve visitors using mobile phones to generate and project personalized 3d effects onto walls and other spaces.


However, Disney reported at the time, that it had no plans to use the patent for its virtual world simulator.

A year after that, following this new job posting by Disney, it seems like that is about to change.

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