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Elevate Higher Partners With the Voice of Crypto To Promote Health and Wellness in the Community




VOC, VoiceofCrypto, Amanda Mckenna

Elevate Higher has partnered with the Voice of Crypto to bring Health and Wellness to our amazing Web3 community. We are ecstatic to announce the new online free event ‘Ethereal’ created to offer a space for all individuals in Web3 once a month online, providing a 20-minute guided meditation which will launch on 26th January 2023, with a live Event planned for the Summer 2023.

With each monthly Session being guided by a new spiritualist, no two sessions will ever be the same. Some very well-known names from within our Web3 community will be guiding the sessions, including Nina Aouilk ‘londons Life Coach’, Sherylanne McLeod ‘Into the Vortex’, Trish Kane ‘5d Healerverse’, Kevin Whyte ‘Krypto Kev’ and our very own Abhishek Singh Rajpurohit ‘Voice of Crypto’.

‘Ethereal’ has been created with all in mind as so many individuals within Web3 are pushing themselves beyond limit daily, burnout can be a very real problem. ‘Ethereal’ aims to provide a space to allow you some down time to relax your mind, enjoy the calm and ultimately help assist with your overall health and wellbeing energetically.

‘Elevate Higher’ will be bringing many more exciting projects to the Web3 community throughout the course of 2023, including an app created to assist the spiritual community whilst supporting sustainable practice with an NFT reward system and a meditative space within the Metaverse.

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