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ENS Mania: Three-digits Domains Hit 15 ETH




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The demand for ENS domains has reached extremely high levels making them sell for high prices. Notably, domains for three and four-digit numbers have seen higher prices in the secondary market.

The three digits domains now sell for 15 ETH as collectors rush to secure a domain for themselves for NFT collection. The three-digit domains can only have 999 domains, making three-digit domains very cert rare to find.

Also, four-digit domains are not left out either, as they sell for 1.5 ETH, which is around $4000 Ethereum price at the time of writing the article.

Here is what you should know about ENS domains: Ethereum Name Service domains are friendly and are understandable ways of presenting Ethereum wallet addresses. Also, Ethereum Name Service is vital for NFT minting as they allow users with ETH and Web3 wallets to mint NFTs that represent unique domains on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is also worth mentioning that ENS with rare domains command higher prices than those without. For instance, owners of the Budweiser brand bought an ENS domain – beer.eth – for 30 ETH, which is equivalent to $94,410 at purchase.  


Further, domains with repeated digits and lower numbers sell for higher prices. Recently, an NFT collector, MrWhiplash, bought a domain {008. eth} for 50 ETH. Here is a tweet from him after the purchase, “ENS 00# will be grails of {the} ENS world when there are 10s of millions of ENS addresses in {the} not so distant future…see you in 2 years.”

Finally, ENS names existing as “.com” traders are higher than those without. For instance, the value of is $4,636; sells for $1,957 according to Pc.domain and Godaddy, respectively. Without a doubt, either “.com” domains or “.co.UK” domains, ENS domains are valuable in the hands of NFT collectors, businesses, and corporations {in the future}. 

For this reason, collectors and business owners are speculating on ENS domain formats with a finite supply. Howbeit, it seems as though three-digit and four-digit domains are becoming safe bets for collectors and business owners.