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From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0




WEB 2.0 TO WEB 3.0

Since its inception, the internet has come a long way. Over the years, it has evolved in different phases before reaching the stage it is in now, and today, the internet has become a vital lifeline for many.

If you are conversant with the world of blockchain, then you must have come across “Web 2.0” and “Web 3.0”. You might be interested in their exact definitions and how they are relevant to blockchain technology. The following discussion will help you have a detailed understanding of web 2.0 and web 3.0.


Web 2.0 is also known as the second generation of internet services. It is a participative social web that fostered the growth of user-generated content, interoperability across different services, interactiveness, usability, and high levels of participation. Today, it represents the internet and embraces all the social media sites, blogs, news generation, shopping, and more! While web 2.0 is an advanced approach to web 1.0, it still has some setbacks, which brought in evolution to Web 3.0


Web 3.0 exhibits an improvement over Web 2.0. It is also called the semantic web or the third generation of the internet. Web 3.0 leverages an advanced metadata system that helps structure and order all data for easy readability for both users and machines. Web 3.0 terminates the need for centralized intercessors and encompasses several technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), decentralized networks, and machine learning. It as well leverages the power of visuals and 3D graphics.



To date, web 2.0 is still the foundation for many web applications. However, web 3.0 presents a promising infrastructure for interactions between humans and machines. Also, it comes with better security, privacy, and protocol (decentralized protocol).

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