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Global Esports Federation Launches Metaverse Council




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The World Esports Federation has established the Metaverse Council to ensure that esports is governed responsibly and ethically. The Council’s responsibility is to focus on shaping concrete development initiatives for our global community.

The Members

The board of this organization is made up of Blockchain experts, NFT developers, and social media influencers. CEO Paul J Foster comments that the GEF Metaverse Council is a group dedicated to cultivating ideas, expression, and shaping our changing reality. They will provide access to unlimited opportunities that the entire world-connected community can benefit from.

Hugo Philion, CEO of the blockchain interoperability project Flare, will lead this board. According to their white paper, they claim that “Flare offers a measurement method for smart contract networks without relying on economic safety mechanisms.”

With Velion’s experience and leadership qualities, he will be able to bring some weight to the board. Fillion commented that with his ability at handling matters across various chains rather than being just a single-chain expert, it is no wonder why they chose him for this position.

Fillion believes that esports has so much potential for blockchain applications, and it will be a great way to showcase what can happen when new technologies like this come about.


Metaverse Reception

It’s not surprising that the concept of the Metaverse is controversial. After all, we live in an increasingly seamless and virtual world where nothing seems too authentic anymore- even gaming can be considered just another form of escapism, among others.

But what if there was one place beyond your imagination? A realm with limitless possibilities waiting to be explored, a hole where every adventure begins…The Metaverse is the right place.

Melvyn Kwik, the Vice-Chair for Metaverse Council, believes that “three words come to mind whenever metaverses are mentioned; play, community and inclusion.”

But this is far from true with the current state of blockchain gaming. There are certain issues that need addressing.

The lack of a seamless experience is one major drawback of blockchain gaming. A payment wall that prevents investors from enjoying the game hunches many people away. The Axie Infinity NFT costs, on average, $355, as reported by September last year. Other projects also suffer these same issues, and it would be great if more developers could find ways around this problem soon!

The blockchain gaming industry is still in its infancy, and many projects are waiting for go-live dates. However, there have been some exciting developments, such as Gensokishi, which plans on bringing a 3D MMO world into this new frontier of digital entertainment through cryptocurrencies!


There is definitely a strong community within the blockchain industry as it continues to grow and evolve. With few projects currently offering dynamic gameplay, there’s room for hope that these types of games will soon be coming online.

The gaming community is not sold on adding blockchain elements to games. One of the most popular video game news sites, Kotaku, has been very vocal about its dislike for Web 3.0 and how it feels like an unnecessary scamfest since there’s no reason why any user would want this besides maybe playing dress-up with their cryptocurrency ambitions.


The creation of the Metaverse Council is a major breakthrough in bridging this gap between gamers and web 3 professionals. It will allow for more discussion on how to better utilize blockchain technology within gaming, which has been one of its biggest limitations so far.”

Metaverse council members will work on projects that give players an incentive to create new virtual environments in which they can thrive while also rewarding them with items obtained from these communities’ construction efforts; not only does this provide entertainment value, but it creates opportunities where one may find themselves helping out another instead of simply being helped!

Why should gamers who invest hours into a game be rewarded with nothing more than some dust? This is an integral part of their performance, and they deserve recognition. Turning in-game items into NFTs allows users to exchange them for real rewards, all while not having any bearing on how well you are doing within the multiplayer experience itself – which means that people can enjoy playing without hindering themselves if this type of stuff isn’t what interests them! The gaming world will thrive when games add value by giving out different types of things instead of just being pure virtual currency or assets (i.e skins).


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