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Here are Some Tips and Trick to Survive the Crypto Bear Market




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Cryptocurrency prices have rapidly dropped recently, with several companies struggling to survive the downfall. Such a fall has also pushed the crypto market to make it to the headlines of various news agencies. 

However, the ones who have been in this trade for a long have experienced the cyclical nature of the crypto market well enough, featuring both bear and bull markets occasionally. In bull markets, crypto prices can go up beyond a limit. Such a trend was noticed in 2020 that lasted till 2021, when crypto prices surged to double digits daily. 

Conversely, the bear market can cause a fatal fall in the crypto process and up to 90%, followed by another within a short period. 

What should you do to survive a bear market? How should you plan your investments? Several reports put forth a handful of tips by the survivors of the last bear market who walked in as newbies but are experts now. 

To HODL or to not HODL? 

Most individuals hold back on their cryptos even in a gloomy market. That is an expected behavior. As the Web3 investor Tyler Reynolds claims, one must not risk their lifestyle while holding the currency. Furthermore, he asserts taking a profit implies selling a part of one’s gains and not essentially remaining dormant or away from the market. 


Draw a middle line between panic and greed

One of the best ways to survive a bear market is to stay calm. Being too greedy or panicky might affect you beyond repairs. Hence, traders must have a strong entry and exit strategy and stick to it until they are in dire need of money. Furthermore, while traders must take minor chances or risks in their operations, drawing the line between no risk and high risk is vital. 

Don’t make up for what you lost

Individuals who invested in crypto in the 2020s got fruitful results by November 2021. However, it finally took a disastrous turn. Investors must avoid trading with the mindset of making up for their losses in the last bull market. Though it might be great to claim back your profits, such a mindset can set you off your current goal. Solvent is the best mechanism to survive a bear market without touching leverage. 

Engage in research projects

Investing, trading, or surviving the dynamic crypto market can take years, depending on one’s strategy. However, one of the best ways to survive a bear market is by passively reading up on research projects and engaging in them. Such projects enlighten investors about the market trends, coping mechanisms, and investment strategies. 

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