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Here’s a List of Most Frequently Searched Crypto Questions




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To look up the internet or to “Google it”still remains one of the easiest ways to understand, explore and acquaint with the world. While the nature of searches reveals your persona and sentiments, it also reveals much about the topic/field you are searching for. It is no different in the case of cryptocurrencies.

Let’s see the famous and most frequent Google searches on cryptocurrency to reveal more about investor sentiments. Studying and assessing the nature of Google search reveals a lot about investor sentiments amidst a bearish crypto market.

Recent studies on the questions searched on Google indicate a growing curiosity amongst investors and novices in the crypto market.

What Is Cryptocurrency

Even after 13 years of cryptocurrency making it to traditional finance, the most prevalent question remains, “What is cryptocurrency? The google search index reveals a global search volume of 256,000 for the question above. Such a search volume indicates the rising need to educate the masses on cryptocurrency, its utility, and the overall crypto market.

What Is Crypto

The second most common question searched by individuals read, “What is crypto?” Though this is a mere reiteration of the first question with a global search volume of 54000, it further indicates the need to educate the masses. Combining the first two questions and their search volumes indicates that most individuals are unaware or unsure of cryptocurrency, even in current times.


How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

With the nature of Google search following a systematic trend, the third most frequently searched question is “How to invest in cryptocurrency?” With a global search volume of 44,000, the question reveals an increasing curiosity amongst individuals about crypto investments. It also reveals the growing popularity of crypto as an investment source.

What Is Crypto Mining

With a global search index for the questions mentioned earlier, the internet indicates the growing popularity of individuals to devise passive ways of earning through crypto. Novice people or individuals with a basic understanding tend to opt for such earning opportunities. Such searches have also increased, with off-shelf mining rigs opening up more significant crypto mining opportunities.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency

With the growing interest in the crypto market, people often search for the right time to buy cryptocurrencies. Considering crypto as a viable source of investment, such questions generated a global search volume of 36,000, indicating a growing interest in crypto investments. Needless to say, the bear markets are the best time for crypto investments.

Why Is Crypto Crashing

With a growing interest in cryptocurrency and investments, there is a growing concern over the recent bearish trend in the crypto market. The dive of cryptocurrencies to an all-time low in 2022 pushed investors to lose crores over a night. Hence, the immediate panic accompanied by a search value of 33,000 for this question is inevitable.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work

While some individuals are only interested in their investment returns from the market, some delve deeper into the operations of the crypto market. Hence, the seventh most searched question on Google reads, “How does cryptocurrency work?” indicating the individuals’ urge to know about crypto networks and their operations.