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Here’s How Ripple Co-Founder Sets His Sights on Space




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Jed McCaleb, a blockchain stalwart, is all set to take a step ahead by launching his new venture, beyond the frontiers of earth, in space. The developer of Ripple and a crypto billionaire, Jed McCaleb, announced his project “Vast,” envisioning a solar system inhabited by individuals recently. 

What Is Vast

McCaleb founded the space habitation startup in 2021, which now aims to expand to human habitation in space. Thus, the company’s immediate task is to set up space stations with artificial gravity to enable individuals to work and inhabit space.

Though the plan, as claimed by McCaleb, is a high-risk one, the founder seems quite confident. Owing to NASA’s increased focus on the moon and beyond and the International Space Station’s retirement in 2030, setting up private space stations and habitats beyond the earth’s realm looks lucrative. 

A New Addition to Ripple

McCaleb’s achievements and stellar technological innovations are no news to anyone.

His journey of tech innovations began with the launch of the largest file-sharing app, eDonkey, in 2000, followed by setting the base for the world’s one of the most popular videogames, “Fire Wilds.”


McCaleb is also better known as the CEO of Mt. Gox, a trading card website that transformed into a bitcoin exchange platform. Also, the co-founder of Ripple, there’s no wonder McCaleb exhibits enough expertise to fetch all the required resources needed to sustain the solar system. 

McCaleb Reconceptualizes Artificial Gravity

Intending to make human lives easier and more efficient, the Vast project’s owner redefines and simplifies artificial gravity for greater clarity on the project. He assures and asserts the possibility of artificial gravity. According to the stalwart, artificial gravity just requires a spinning structure to replicate a similar pull like gravity. 

To ensure the best hands on the project, McCaleb also employed some top-notch scientists and engineers across the globe. He is further seen mentioning the cooperation required to ensure the project’s success.

According to him, the project would require several resources at a lower price, space stations being of foremost importance to balance activities and requirements that one cannot perform automatically. Vast expects to compete with Axiom Space and Jeff Bezos’ Orbital Reef on successful operation. 

How Is Vast Different

One of the most distinguishing factors about Vast is its innovative stance on artificial gravity. While space stations have been a common venture by the ISS and others, they mainly operate in microgravity.

However, such an ecosystem can result in several health challenges like reduced bone density and vision loss, which Vast aims to tackle.