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Here’s What Simpsons Have to Say about Ripple and SEC Lawsuit




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For two years, the court case between the Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripple Labs has raged on.

This court case has had a major influence on the price of XRP, the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple network, pulling it up and bringing it down at intervals, to the dismay of investors and traders.

After two long years, a lot of speculation has come with the imminent wrap-up of the case.

However, there’s a twist.

The Simpsons, an American sitcom created by Matt Groenig, has a long-standing reputation for predicting the future. Some of these futures the sitcom predicts are vague references, while others turn out to be accurate.


This time, the spotlight is on the future price of XRP.

For context, the Simpsons’ writing team has predicted everything from major events like Donald Trump’s presidency in the US to more laid-back events like Daenerys Targaryen’s big plot twist in the penultimate episode of the HBO series, Game Of Thrones.

The Simpsons’ eerily accurate prediction of Donald Trump as the US president

The Simpsons’ eerily accurate prediction of Donald Trump as the US president | Source: Insider

Not many people even know that the Simpsons predicted the rise of crypto in episode 31 of season 13, more than ten years before it happened.

The Simpsons’ Ripple Prediction

One of the other socio-political events the sitcom has predicted is the future price of Ripple Coin (XRP).

Bart, the ten-year-old eldest child and only son of the series’ main character, Homer Simpson, is especially famous for his chalkboard scribbles. These scribbles, more often than not, have a knack for coming true

A screenshot of one of such scribbles has become famous overnight. In this screenshot, Bart scribbles about the price of XRP hitting a little under $600 by the “end of the year.”

Which year? 2022 or 2040? Nobody knows.

Bart Simpson’s Prediction Of The Price Of Ripple XRP

Bart Simpson’s Prediction Of The Price Of Ripple XRP | Source: BeinCrypto

There are opinions that some of these crypto predictions are only speculation and that the Simpsons writers are merely crypto enthusiasts, but one cannot be so sure.

For a sitcom with such an eerie reputation for predictions that come true, the sensible thing to do would be to stay alert and resist the urge to jump in blindly.

XRP Price Analysis

Last week, the price of XRP eventually broke out of the $0.42 resistance after repeated testing since the middle of May 2022.

The price of XRP is currently in a dip as it corrects, retesting the $0.42 resistance (blue line) before a breakdown or a more powerful move upwards.

Price action of Ripple XRP, showing retest of $0.42 zone 

Price action of Ripple XRP, showing retest of $0.42 zone | Source: Tradingview

The RSI from the medium perspective shows neutral conditions, as the MACD line crossed over the signal line, indicating the possibility of this correction going on for a while or of consolidation around the new $0.42 support.

Overall, the price outlook on XRP seems bullish and may see a leg upwards to a new high, especially after the SEC versus Ripple Labs case in court.




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