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HTC Partners with Pixiv to Launch 3D Japanese Anime Avatars in the Metaverse




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Based in Taiwan, Virtual Reality headset maker HTC partners with Pixiv, a Japanese creator platform, to launch 3D avatars on the Metaverse. The 3D avatars will be created in Japanese anime-style and will be launched on VIVERSE, the company’s metaverse platform.

According to a press report, the partnership with Pixiv will rapidly increase the number of virtual characters on VIVERSE and meet the needs of users who prefer anime and manga styles.

In March this year, HTC launched an open virtual platform known as VIVERSE. While in June, the company launched a metaverse phone, the company’s first known as Desire 22. The phone was a means to use VIVERSE.

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Furthermore, in 2018, Pixiv launched VRoid, a 3D project that allows users to customize their characters in 3D. Pixiv, is a website of artists focused on manga and illustrations created in a Japanese style. According to the press release, the Pixiv website has more than 100 million artworks and 81 million users.